I have already had a successful career in the wedding market, and was well known for making moist and delicious wedding cakes. I have always loved to bake and cook. Over 11 years ago one of my daughters, after much sickness, was diagnosed and was told to eat gluten free. I joined her a few years later. At that time, there was literally next to nothing in the gluten free market, and what was there tasted to us more like sawdust than food! At first it was almost earth shattering. We began to realize the art of using whole foods without additives or preservatives. And most importantly: Gluten Free. Occasionally, in our family we have a tradition of southern biscuits and gravy for Sunday morning breakfast. The first time I tried to bake a gluten free biscuit, it was as hard as a hockey puck and I could have launched it through the window and broken it. I said at that point, "I hate gluten free, I love gluten, and I will NEVER bake gluten free AGAIN!" The proverbial, "famous last words". Being a perfectionist and a baker, I could not leave it alone. I baked and researched and tried combinations all the time. After a time, my gluten free baked goods were coming out quite tasty. The test was always against the rest of our family that could eat gluten. They were my testing and sounding board to make sure things tasted as close to THE original as possible, or as close to the real thing as possible. With a large family and working that successful wedding business, which I loved, there was no time to bake other than for my family and friends. 

As my business partner and I close one wonderful, successful business, I will begin my new adventure pursuing what I love to do. Which is making others happy through delicious and moist gluten free goods, so they feel that there is nothing that they are missing out on.  

We still can have our traditional favorites! My motto has always been, "Tastes great! Looks great!" I come from a long line of hard workers! When it comes to food, I reach for the real thing. Natural, organic when possible, no preservatives, as close to natural as possible. Real chocolate, real nuts, real butter, farm fresh eggs, straight from the farm when possible. I love to keep things economical but when it comes to skimping on ingredients, it is not an option. I know that when people eat my cookies, they will consider the healthy difference and taste! Every cookie is made from my dedicated gluten free kitchen with the utmost care and consideration to make your experience delectable and enjoyable! I love people and I love cookies and I love to put them together!